A ricchigia, name of the place where we produce pistachios more than fifty years, is located in the lower part of Bronte (Catania), where there are the so-called “lochi” between earth and rocks Etna watching us from above.

Our parents began to cultivate this land with so much love and sweat and since the sixties did know our pistachio worldwide. They began shipments of this product in France, Switzerland, London and America. And after so many years still we continue to believe in this business trying to carry on our origins. Although today many companies resort to chemical compounds to give quality to the product, our goal, however, is to think about the safety and health of our consumers pistachio continually subjecting our products to strict quality controls.

The collection of the pistachio (performed every two years between the end of August and beginning of September) is complicated because the soil in which the plants are not flat but generally steep and then even a little dangerous. The collectors, are provided with a bag (hanging on the neck thanks to a belt) in which to insert the branches inside knocking the grains gathered one by one inside the same. Once harvested the fruit is free from outer husks, and that the first fresh peel pistachio and then dried for at least two days in the sun, so that you can keep for the whole year to come without problems.

Today, thanks to technology, as well as market the pistachio, we also produce sauces, creams and pistachio paste useful in pastry and in various culinary preparations. Our company invites you to savor our products fruit perfume of our sites, the search for natural ingredients will take you to activate our senses to Get in touch with a unique and extraordinary.

Excellences of Bronte



A unique production, the only one of its kind, that becomes a symbol of Excellence.

A selection of raw materials, the guarantee on transparency about the origin of products, an uninterrupted attention on the quality of the production, the passion for the taste, the tradition of a precoius land.

These are the ingredients of ‘A RICCHIGIA.